Our work speaks of the brand, not of its cre­at­ing agency

Though some are quite out­spo­ken about Durk​.com.

Maarten van den Biggelaar

Creative consultant

‘Durk.com is expensive, but incredibly good & fast.’

Cécile Narinx

Editor-in-Chief Harper's Bazaar

‘It’s rarely subtle, but always effective. Commission Durk and you will be surprised, stimulated, amused and moved. Never a dull moment.’

Jort Kelder


‘Dutch, ironic art direction of a new international standard, incredibly clever, completely individual and undoubtedly exportable.’ This kind of utterance usually make us feel a bit queasy, but yesterday at the annual Magazine Gala we were in complete agreement with the jury for once. Our Durk Hattink was voted best art director of the Netherlands. I have rarely witnessed a more well-earned prize ceremony. After all, a lot of what you see in Quote carries this rascal’s signature. I could give hundreds of small or large examples to justify why Durk Hattink has deservedly been voted best of his profession. But this is what is most important: Hattink became a success because he is a little boy, and he always has been and always will be. Someone who doesn’t fall asleep, always inspires, doesn’t whine about working hours, special holiday days and early retirement plans. Of course, he rarely meets a deadline, was the first to drive a dent into the editorial staff’s Porsche and prefers to use women’s level of attractiveness as the most important criterion in their job applications. In addition to this he is headstrong, arrogant, and occasionally unmanageable. But goody two-shoes are no fun to make magazines with. And they most definitely won’t win any prizes in the process.’

Michael Jansen

Creative director

'Durk is without a doubt, the most stylish designer I’ve worked with.'

José Rozenbroek

Editorial consultant

‘Durk’s style? Amazing. And amazingly headstrong. Always provides an exciting, original idea for imagery as a starting point. The design is always surprising. But be careful of the tiny stamp size images he loves so much...’

Jury report I

Mercur Best Art Director

‘Magazines in the Netherlands come in three different styles. There is the international style, the sober minimalist Dutch style and there is Durk Hattink’s style in Quote. This visual language which he developed himself is completely unique. He is able to transfer Quote magazine’s satirising banter into a graphic design which entirely suits the content. Hattink is uniquely able to bridge the gap between text people and image people and to translate that into form. In doing this, he does not allow himself to be led by international dogmas. Hattink consistently continues to seek his own language which suits Quote’s message and he keeps improving and innovating in the process. He is increasingly decisive for the direction Quote takes and its quality. His Dutch, ironic art direction is of a new international standard, incredibly clever, completely individual and undoubtedly exportable.’

Jury report II

Mercur Best Magazine Report

‘This list was made possible thanks to intensive research by the Rijksmuseum. Quote made this brilliant special, 250 richest people of the 17th century, which focused in on the hilarious similarities between then and now. Erwin Olaf’s beautifully photographed group portraits illustrate that point even further.’

Jury report III

Blaadje top-10 best art directors of The Netherlands

‘Like no other, Durk Hattink has the ability to translate irony into form. No colleague of his can match his flood of ideas and waywardness. His goal: clean pages purged of junk, creating space for an image with a big fat wink.

Eric Smit

Founder FollowTheMoney.nl

‘Hattink combines great creativity and wit and (usually) a good understanding of the subject he is entrusted to prettify. If you want to work with Hattink you have to be able to deal with the despotic tendencies of an aesthetic fascist.’

Yvo van Regteren Altena


‘Writers can type as much as they like, but if the message’s packaging is stylistically boring, an interested reading public will of course remain elusive. It is a true privilege to be able to entrust the text you have worked so hard on, or even your fully completed books, to art director Durk Hattink. His original, stylish and recognisably glamorous style of graphic design allow this art director to produce a publication which stimulates form and style sensitive readers, month after month. It is not only his magazine format that is of an international standard, his covers also show wit and playfulness, but there is always an eye for the right proportions, the right colours and he is also a master of the crucial art of leaving things out. If only this man could design my whole life!’

Sjoerd van Stokkum


‘Manages to turn even a Toyota Prius into a sexy little play thing.’

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