Durk​.com is about visualization

Durk​.com is a cre­ative agency based in Ams­ter­dam, spe­cial­iz­ing in art direc­tion for both dig­i­tal and print. Cre­ative direc­tor Durk Hat­tink (1972) cre­ates and sees what oth­ers don’t — while keep­ing a clear vision of his client’s wish­es. He found­ed the agency in 2006. Before start­ing Durk​.com, Durk Hat­tink was an award-win­ning art direc­tor at the upmar­ket busi­ness mag­a­zine Quote (the Dutch equiv­a­lent of Forbes and For­tune). The agency’s clients include cor­po­ra­tions like Oilily, Porsche and PWC. The agency’s style is clear, sim­ple and sol­id; its mis­sion is to bring tai­lor-made and hand­craft­ed solu­tions for upmar­ket clients in a dig­i­tal era. Durk​.com cre­ates a brand iden­ti­ty that is unique, engag­ing and there­fore communicative.

Open your eyes and con­nect your brand with Durk​.com